Monday, 17 December 2012


FT Alphaville has a good comment today indicating the great perils awaiting China with its broken social model. Most noteworthy to my mind is the newspeak which creeps out of the government to soothe the media and analysts with popular buzzwords;

"China’s central bank has called its monetary policy “prudent” since late 2010 even as it has swung back and forth from extremely loose to relatively tight and back to relatively loose again.

Fiscal policy has been “proactive” since late 2008, when Beijing unveiled a Rmb4tn stimulus package in reaction to the global financial crisis but no economists expect the government to launch anything near that kind of response in the foreseeable future."

It sounds like the allusions are all getting a bit stale. Perhaps they need a crack consulting team from the Daily Mail to help them up the hyperbole in their statements.

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