Thursday, 15 November 2012

Living in a glass house and throwing stones

It started with the bankers. The bankers were to blame for the great crisis of 2008 with their greed and their slick suits. The politicians were quick to stick the knife in apportioning blame (their favourite pastime) across those evil and greedy bankers.

But alas their moment in the sun was short lived as the expenses scandal revealed they too had been living high on the hog flipping homes all over the place and building moats or bathing in champagne or whatever the media decided was an exciting and controversial waste of public funds.

Now having thrown their stones the media too are enjoying their day under the glare of the limelight for many forms of questionable ‘news’ reporting around the Jimmy Savile borefest and a flurry of online name dropping.

The most important question is who next? Probably the general public who like to spend their days blaming others for their problems and tweeting gossip. So to get ahead of the curve I might start punching myself in the face.

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