Friday, 12 October 2012

Ok, who switched the tapes…

 I am now convinced that sometime in the last week somebody switched over the news and put in the “fiction” tape. This is the only explanation I can arrive at to explain recent events.

We have entered the twilight zone.

Obama tries to keep a straight face.
The EU gets the Nobel peace prize! If I were a respectable former holder like Yasser Arafat, David Trimble or Barrack Obama (who won for not being George Bush) I would be disgusted at this blatant devaluation of my Nobel peace prize. Clearly the central bank of Nobel has gone on its own QE splurge to award the most absurd prize to the most absurdly vast number of people possible. Well done you brave 500 million people living on something which is not a real ‘continent’ who apart from the odd skirmish have managed not to annihilate each other in death camps for 60 years.

Meanwhile in the domestic news we can see that Jimmy Savile is rapidly being erased from history except news footage of him in shorts from the 1970s;

“The removal of the headstone comes days after a footpath sign in Scarborough commemorating Savile was taken down by the borough council.

A plaque outside his flat in Scarborough was also removed last week after the words "rapist" and "paedophile" were written on it.

Leeds City Council has taken Savile's name off an inscription on a wall commemorating high profile citizens at the city's Civic Hall.

Officials at the Royal Armouries International events centre in Leeds have confirmed they will rename their Savile's Hall site, named in honour of the late presenter, "out of respect" for public opinion.”

For some reason nobody thought this guy was weird when he kept a shrine to his mother whom he referred to as “the duchess.” I could have told you at 6 years old I thought Jimmy Savile was sinister because hopefully I wasn’t alone in finding ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ unbelievably disturbing.

Now would someone please turn reality back on because this is all getting a bit too weird.

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