Thursday, 10 May 2012

Strike? What strike?

I had no idea but today there is a major public sector strike going on. I only found out when the mouthpiece of the people’s propaganda wagon for all moaners and NIMBYs decided to  report on the issue.

 “Disruption includes:
  • Business hit at the Welsh Assembly as Labour and Plaid Cymru members refuse to cross picket lines while National Museum for Wales closed to public, PCS says
  • Work on Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships in port in Birkenhead and Portland halted, the Rail Maritime and Transport union says
  • Seven national museums as well as Tate Gallery closed in Liverpool, PCS says”
Clearly without these vital services for 24 hours the country may grind to a halt. The real risk with going on strike is that the rest of us work out you aren’t doing something very useful in the first place. If you aren’t driving my train or nursing my egotism you are definitely off the map for those who I will be speaking of.

In fact developments are coming thick and fast so there is also a live forum to bitch about your pay cuts (public or private) and lambast the Bankers / Tories / Labour in the eternal game of British life which revolves around blaming other people for our problems usually using a clever catchphrase or grossly oversimplified argument.

Never one to bemoan my own situation in the private sector I won’t be harping on about my contracting real terms income (because it hasn’t been) nor my shrinking pension pot (it’s been growing). No I think I should go on strike for 362 days of the year. I should just come to the office on the other 3 days to rummage through the wardrobe of asset allocation and tweak a few trades. Attending work everyday in the land of investing is a seriously dangerous proposal which could lead to all kinds of short-term trading folly driven by an addiction to hysterical Bloomberg newsflow.

Less is definitely more.

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